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At the time of incidents, Bill of landing insurance does not usually cover the total amount of loss. We always suggest our customers to purchase Cargo insurance for their shipments. As a value added service, we provide very competitive cargo insurance rates for your shipments from any origin to any destination worldwide.

Here is how you benefit buying cargo insurance from us:

  • we provide competitive rates
  • we send you the insurance policy certificate in a few minutes by email
  • we cover almost all origins and destinations worldwide
  • we can provide you the insurance policy under the name of the buyer or seller
  • for every particular shipment, we make sure to use an insurance company who has offices both at origin and destination
Cargopedia is connected to the insurance companies’ websites electronically. We can obtain your cargo policy fast, easy and hassle free.

Cargo Insurance Let’s face it. Shipping products and goods can be quite scary. There is always the risk of loss or destruction as a result of natural disasters like inclement weather and manmade disasters like sinking ships, dishonest people, and even unintentional mistakes. And the more cargo you ship, the higher the probability damages or losses. Sometimes, these events can cause you to lose money ranging from a few thousand dollars to millions. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to prevent these from taking place.

You can, however, take vital steps to guarantee that neither you nor your clients will have to suffer substantial loss when things go awry. This includes ensuring the proper inventory of items to be shipped, making sure your goods are well packed, and more importantly securing adequate cargo insurance, just in case the unexpected occurs.

Cargo insurance is a policy that protects your goods from physical loss or damage during its transit from one place to another. The main objective of this policy is to offer the insured party with the proper compensation should the cargo fail to arrive safely to its destination. There are numerous types of cargo insurance policies and coverage. It can be used in land, marine, or air shipments either internationally or domestically. Cargo insurance can also cover an array of items such as vehicles, chemicals, office equipment, pharmaceutical products, household items, and construction materials among many others. Teaming up with the right provider is just as important as securing a cargo provider. Similarly, it is essential that you consider a number of things when selecting a cargo insurance agency.

First, make sure that the insurance provider is experienced in supply chain management and transportation. Take note that buying insurance from a provider with an extensive background and good reputation will ensure that your goods are fully protected. It is vital to check if your cargo insurance agency can protect your items via all modes of transportation. This means that you have to make sure that the provider offers a complete protection package with no hidden gaps, risks, or limitations in terms of coverage. It is also a must that you evaluate the rates and prices of your provider to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

Cargopedia is the provider of choice of many worldwide shippers when it comes to cargo and freight insurance. We take pride in our years of supply chain management and transportation experience. And we practice this knowledge by making sure that our clients get the protection, security, and assurance they need whenever they ship their items. Our company provides a simple yet effective means of protection to save our clients from unnecessary frustration, stress, and worry. Cargopedia’s service comes two-fold. First, we try our best to make sure that your goods arrive at its destination unharmed and on time. However should your goods arrive but is not at par with your expectations, our company will make the process of filing claim as smooth and as fast as possible.

Cargopedia similarly offers competitive rates and packages. We understand and respect the differences in requirements per company. We tailor fit our packages based on your business and financial needs. We work with integrity and prevent our clients from paying additional and unnecessary costs.

To sum, Cargopedia goes beyond providing simple cargo insurance. Everybody can provide insurance, but we offer our clients quality, trust, and security – a service that transcends any contract or insurance certificate. Contact us to learn more how your company can benefit from our cargo insurance.

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